Sanitation Station Ear Sticks

  • $7.00

Easily display length and style of earrings with these ear sticks, a much more sanitary way to model earrings, as opposed to putting the wire directly in your earlobe! 

Ear Sticks are double sided, so you can easily transition between two styles one handed on Instagram stories, or customers can check out two styles at a time.

ACRYLIC - these ear sticks are made out of durable 1/8” acrylic. Care for them as you would a pair of earrings. They will survive some jostling, but are best kept in the box they come in, or your own jewelry box.

CARE - do not clean acrylic with alcohol, acetone, hand sanitizer, or cleaning solutions. Acrylic is porous and will crack if exposed to something with a denatured alcohol content. The best cleaner is NOVUS for anything acrylic - this is what you would clean acrylic blocks and stands with that are used as props/ at market events. 

CLEAN - clean your Ear Sticks with a soft microfiber cloth to keep it shiny and free of fingerprints, or give it a soak in warm water and a gentle soap.