Head in the Clouds

  • $62.00

BIG TIME love these - we love summer here, but I would venture to say that these are evergreen. Complete with 3 types of acrylic including mirror, and Hazy Daze, these earrings have freshwater pearls adorning them. 

The pearls are naturally occurring (obv), and are all different shapes. The sizing and shape of your pearls will look different from this image due to the natural properties of the pearls. 

Length is between 4.5-5", and are about .4- .6 oz each - these are not great for very sensitive ears due to the weight. Backings are gold plated leverbacks.



CARE - to care long term for your new piece, please review my care instructions on the FAQ page. BE CAREFUL - these earrings feature freshwater pearls, and are not as hardy as acrylic. Please exercise care when handling and storing them.

VARIATIONS - each piece is different, so please allow any slight variations or imperfections in your new earrings!