Shop while we work in our College Area workshop!
We’re generally open 12-4 Monday through Friday depending on business!
We are located at 6771 El Cajon Blvd - and if you’re in the area and our curtains are open, you can come on in!
Follow along on Instagram for up to date shop hours in the SHOP IRL tag on @shopcholla's profile on Instagram.

$55 Custom Raining Hearts available!
No appointment necessary, just come on in while we're open and ask to choose your pair from our pre-cut bins.
**please remember that we are a retail store second and a workshop/shipping location first, and are not open like a solely retail store is. Our doors remain locked when only one of us is in here for safety reasons, but stays unlocked while customers are in here shopping.
We occasionally will do weekend events, but our team of 1.5 needs breaks :)