$150 Mystery Box

  • $150.00

She's here! The Shop Cholla Mystery Box!

Here's the skinny - 

  • Each denomination of box has a greater value (typically 50%+) than it's cost to you. For example, the $150 Mystery Box has at least a $225 value. That means that you are getting a Retail Value of $225+ for $150.
  • Everything in the Mystery Box is final sale, there are NO swaps, NO refunds, and NO customizations! This is a fun way to get a bulk random box of Shop Cholla pieces. If you get a duplicate of something you already own, I would recommend keeping it on hand to gift to someone you love to become their new favorite person.
  • Each box has different items in it. In one box, you will NOT receive multiples of the same thing! Some boxes are somewhat similar, but I tried to make them as different as possible if you end up ordering more than 1 box. 
  • Each box is pre-packed and ready to ship, I will be picking them randomly to fulfill when I print orders! There is no way to compare what is in there vs. what you already own. 
  1. $50 Mystery Box / $100+ Retail Value
  2. $100 Mystery Box / $175+ Retail Value
  3. $150 Mystery Box / $225+ Retail Value

CARE - Please check the care page at the bottom of my website!

VARIATIONS, SAMPLES, DIFFERENCES - lots of acrylic looks different in the light versus on the computer. Acrylic 9.9/10 looks better IRL than on your monitor! Some items in the box are sale items, this means they are 100% wearable, but I took them off of my website to reduce stock exhaustion. Some brass may be tarnished, but everything is still in great saleable condition! If you want to polish your brass, please review my care section!