SALE Dreamcatcher by Haus of Siddiq

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  • $35.00

Meet Dreamcatcher by Amera @ Haus of Siddiq. Amera was a new discovery of mine in April, and I'm floored that she doesn't have a bigger footprint. Amera plays with mod designs, bright colors, and is an expert with an extruder. I'm calling it now, Amera will be the next big thing.  

Earring Details:

+ Nickel and Lead-Free pushback post

+ Total drop length 3"

+ 14g total weight

+ Polymer clay is very flexible, please store these earrings hanging up, or laying flat, as the bottom accents may bend. If you notice bending in the bottom accents, you can lay them flat and gently straighten them out. While this material is flexible, do not pull, tug or warp the extruded pieces, or you may cause damage to your earrings.

About Amera - I am an artist of many crafts but earrings have always been my staple accessory. A great pair of earrings can make you feel so beautiful and unstoppable! I draw inspirations from 60's, 70's and 80's fashion and love to play with bold colors, shapes and designs. I am a midwest gal but currently reside in Dallas, Texas. I am so thrilled to be a part of the Chollasphere alongside the talented individuals that make up this collective. These earrings were created exclusively for the Chollasphere at

Shop more of Amera's earware at and follow her @hausofsiddiq on Instagram.