Cutter Press

  • $10.00

Cut with any cutter without hurting your fingers with these new cutter presses!

These presses are shaped like hearts for easy holding, and created in 2 sizes for any type of cutter. Studs and 1-2" cutters are best pressed with the 3" press, and hoops, irregular shapes, and multiple cutters are best pressed with the 5" press!

ACRYLIC - these cutter presses are made out of durable 1/8” acrylic. Care for them as you would a pair of earrings. They will survive some jostling, but are best kept in the box they come in, or your own jewelry box.

CARE - do not clean acrylic with alcohol, acetone, hand sanitizer, or cleaning solutions. Acrylic is porous and will crack if exposed to something with a denatured alcohol content. The best cleaner is NOVUS for anything acrylic - this is what you would clean acrylic blocks and stands with that are used as props/ at market events. 

CLEAN - clean your Ear Sticks with a soft microfiber cloth to keep it shiny and free of fingerprints, or give it a soak in warm water and a gentle soap.