Glittery Magnets by Dear Thistle

  • $12.00

Meet Glittery Magnets by Aviva of Dear Thistle. I believe Aviva found me, and I met her after she shared some of my posts, and I was immediately into her iridescent, glittery, pastel feed. Aviva's style is like if you mixed rock n' roll with some ethereal iridescent flakes, and that's exactly what the Chollasphere needed. If you're a magnet collector like I am (who needs shot glasses?) you NEED these.

Product Details:

+ Resin with attached center magnet

+ Comes in a set of two matching magnets

About Aviva: I'm the physical embodiment of all things pink and floral with lots of glitter thrown in for good measure. I love to work with anything iridescent, colorshift, opalescent, or pearlescent to create statement pieces for everyday life! Before starting Dear Thistle, I felt like a creative person without a real skill or outlet, so discovering working with resin has been an incredible experience. I live in Chicago with my husband and our two cats, when I'm not working, I'm either bothering them or watching every murder mystery/procedural that's ever been made. These Glittery Magnets were made exclusively for the Chollasphere at 

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