Polka Dot Cow Bunnies by Gloom Lagoon

  • $46.00
Meet the Polka Dot Cow Bunnies by Lorna @ Gloom Lagoon. I found Lorna through Jess of Crying Heart Craft Co., and was immediately blown away by the level of detail that Lorna puts into her earrings. A fellow beauty industry vet, Lorna is well known for her ethereal, yet realistic moths. These handmade polymer clay earrings are mixed, cut and molded meticulously by hand - each pair Lorna makes is seriously a collectible piece of art. Lorna's well known for her moths and bunnies, and they are a coveted pair made with an exclusive print for the Chollasphere.
Earring Details:
+ Gold Plated Brass Hardware
+ 2.75" total drop length x 3" width
+ Each single earring is 0.2oz and the total pair weighs 0.4oz

About Lorna - I'm an introverted Aquarius that loves anything odd or whimsical and I like to bring that same energy into my work while keeping it wearable for anyone! Inspiration surrounds me here in beautiful WA and when I'm not hiking or camping, I work as a full time PMU artist. When feeling anxious, sad, or like I need to stay busy, creating jewelry has helped calm me and bring me out of my "gloom lagoon" :) 
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