Speckled Guava Santa Fe

The sleeker sister to Even Flow. Ultra jangly, these earrings are the perfect pair to pop on for a quick coffee shop date, then coming right back home and napping, because it's Quarantine 2021, and we're fucking tired.

Polymer clay with raw brass, acrylic, polished stones, and vintage dice beads.

Each strand is approximately 10g, so this style is a touch heavier than other styles. For reference, one strand of Corazon is ~5g. 

The length varies based on style, but are between 4.25-5".

Product Specs:

Total Weight (both) - 0.74oz

Total Length (at longest) - 4.75"


CARE - to care long term for your new piece, please review my care instructions on the FAQ page. Practice care with your stones, as some are naturally soft, and if dropped, may chip.

VARIATIONS - each piece is different, so please allow any slight variations or imperfections in your new earrings!