Taper Candle Holder by Nikkie Stutts Ceramics

A beautiful taper candle holder (or if you keep forgetting to buy candles like me, a palo santo holder!) by Nikkie at Nikkie Stutts Ceramics. Nikkie is a close personal friend of mine from my Bay Area days, and is one of my favorite tangible designers. Her work is colorful, bright, and very California. With multicolored glazes  and functional designs, each of Nikkie's pieces will absolutely be a wonderful addition to your home. Snag 'em fast, her pieces go quickly!
Item details -
4.3oz weight
3.5" length x 1.5" height
+ Due to the weight and additional packing materials and larger box that ceramics require, shipping for your entire order (including ceramics) will be $6. Due to some inconsistencies with Shopify shipping, you will be refunded any shipping overages you incur if purchasing multiple items, so that the maximum shipping you pay is $6. :)

About Nikkie- I am a Sausalito based artist working to combine form and function. I love playing around with new colors and glazing techniques so my style is always evolving. I make each piece with lots of love and attention to detail creating a work of art truly unique. I am so excited to share my ceramics on this amazing platform. These pieces were made specially for the Chollasphere. 

Shop more of Nikkie's work at nikkiestuttsceramics.etsy.com and follow her @nikkiestuttsceramics.