Gone Swimmin'

  • $34.00

Okay, I actually am obsessed with these vintage-inspired goldfish! These cutie engraved pairs are surprisingly lightweight, and feature a natural freshwater pearl on top. This specific strand of freshwater pearls have a greenish/yellow tint that fit seriously perfectly with these golden amber acrylic fish!

These are made from gold plated brass hardware and hang from fish hooks.


CARE - to care long term for your new piece, please review my care instructions on the FAQ page.

VARIATIONS - each piece is different, so please allow any slight variations or imperfections in your new earrings!

BEADS AND STONES - These are more delicate than standard acrylic. If dropped, stepped on, or stored carelessly, they may break. Please keep them in a cool, dry place when not wearing, and do not leave in your bag or laying around where they may be squashed!