** We no longer operate out of San Diego County! All in-person shopping, shipping, and pick-ups are done out of our Idyllwild home studio. Ordering from Idyllwild? Please email your order number so we can arrange a pick up once your order is completed - once you retrieve your order, your shipping cost will be refunded!
Order Processing & Shipping Timelines

Updated August 2023 - My processing time is any time between 2 - 10 business days, depending on the holiday schedule, and launch timelines -  packages are shipped Tuesday-Friday. Occasionally we will ship the very next day, and always ship as soon as we possibly can. Our local PO is very small, so we do drop off's 2x a week, and give them a little extra time to get through our packages each week!

Processing time is M-F excluding Federal Holidays (i.e. the dates USPS doesn't deliver!) If you are curious about what range you will receive a shipping confirmation email, all you have to do is look at the date you ordered and count 2 and 10 business days ahead. Please note that this is subject to change based on demand, only one person does fulfillment!

All items ship with USPS and have tracking numbers emailed to you at the time of shipment! Orders are printed in large batches for ease of fulfillment, and may take a few days to update out of 'Pre-Shipment' status. 

Due to the volume of emails I receive in reference to tracking numbers or order status in the middle of the processing timeline, please refrain from emailing me about status unless your package is overdue - which is highly unlikely, and if your order is overdue or late, you will always receive an email from me.

Once you receive a shipping confirmation with tracking, your order usually will be shipped within 72 hours. Please allow up to 5 business days for your package to show as accepted by the USPS, things are running slower than usual! Due to the current speed of USPS and mandates due to COVID-19, your package may be delayed by 1-5 days once it is accepted into the USPS network. ** The speed of postage you select does not impact the speed in which your order is processed. If you select Priority 2-Day Mail, you order will be processed as usual, and then be expedited through the USPS network. Due to the volume of orders I package on shipping days, I cannot expedite my standard processing time. 

** If you've ordered during a Mega Restock, Pre-Order, or a Huge Launch, your package may take extra time. Pre-Orders will have a longer lead time, and will be notated on the product listing.

*** As of August 2023, we no longer ship with UPS, and only ship with USPS. If you absolutely cannot receive mail via USPS, please email us with your details and we can arrange a different shipping service!

Cancellations, Exchanges + Damages -

I do not accept cancellations past 2 hours of payment. Due to the Made-to-Order and One of a Kind nature of my business, many orders begin processing immediately. To keep my prices affordable, I do not accept returns or exchanges on any items. I am available to answer any sizing, care, or materials questions you may have to ensure you're purchasing the right piece of jewelry, before you purchase! If you are unsure of an element of the earring, write in first - we will not be offering any more “changed mind” returns as of August 1, 2022 for any reason. Earrings that are purchased as MADE TO ORDER, PRE ORDER, or CUSTOMS are not accepted as returns, and will only be repaired.

Orders that do not have Shipping Insurance with them are not eligible for this policy. I strongly strongly urge you to check out with shipping insurance for peace of mind, and the comfort of knowing that if your order is lost, damaged, or stolen, it is covered. Any damages, lost packages etc... will need to have a claim filed through Navidium for us to look into!

Our return/replacement window is 2 weeks (14 days) from the time your order arrives. We enforce this window to maintain efficiency. Your return will not be accepted past 14 days of delivery. If your item arrives damaged, please email photos + your order number to If your order arrived damaged due to mishandling by the USPS, please include images of the mailer box. In the event of a damage that is covered by shipping insurance, you'll be provided a return shipping label to have the jewelry sent back to me, so that I may repair it and send it back to you! <3

In the unlikely event that a return is approved, you will be expected to ship the unworn item(s) back to me packaged safely within 10 business days of the return approval. Returns are subjected to a 20% restocking and sanitizing fee, and must be in resaleable condition.

**All orders with modifications requested via email (hardware change, product change pre-ship, etc...) will experience a small delay so as not to disrupt the shipping process we have in place!

I live local to Idyllwild, can I pick up my order?

UPDATE 6/2/2023

No problem! Please email me with your order number and we can arrange pick up from my at home studio, and your shipping will be refunded. Note that I can only hold pick-up orders for 10 business days :) 

I entered the wrong shipping address!

Please message me as soon as you can if you enter an incorrect address! Please ensure that you enter the correct address when you order your earrings, as I am NOT liable for your package as soon as it leaves me!! When in doubt, send me a message ASAP!! If your package is returned to me via RTS, I can either refund you for the total cost of your order, minus half of your shipping cost (no restocking fees), or you may remit payment to ship to a new address.

I placed more than one order, can I condense them?

AS OF 4/1/22

Due to order volume, I will be unable to condense multiple orders placed during the same drop, or across multiple days. As Shop Cholla expands into Brick and Mortar, Local Pickup, E-Commerce, and Wholesale, it has become extremely time consuming and error-prone to condense orders. Thank you so much for your understanding and support.
Where are my order update emails?

You will receive 4 automated emails or texts in this order, Order Confirmation, Shipment Confirmation, Out For Delivery, and Delivered. If you check out with only your phone number, you will receive texts, as there is no email on file for you. We're happy to update your account with your active email address, and all you need to do is email us with your full name, and billing or shipping address. For more information on the time between Shipment Confirmation and movement on your tracking number, please visit the above section in red. In a nutshell, Shop Cholla is one person packing a large volume of orders, while juggling everything else necessary to run a business. We appreciate your patience while Shop Cholla grows and tries to keep up with the demand on each product.

Where is my package?

Sometimes delays at the post office occur - especially during COVID-19, winter, and storm seasons!

**** All packages are shipped using USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL (unless you've selected otherwise), once a package leaves my possession and is scanned into the USPS network, I am no longer liable for/aware of your packages location. In the event of a delayed delivery/attempted delivery, please contact your local USPS to arrange a pick up or repeat delivery. I am unable to request repeat deliveries on your behalf, and am unaware of your packages whereabouts as soon as it leaves my possession. 

In the event that you cannot locate your package, please contact your local branch of USPS to inquire about your packages location. Often times it is 1) scanned as delivered too early, 2) placed in a neighbors mailbox, 3) placed in a different drop area than your mailbox, or, 4) delayed in transit without being scanned. If you have issues with mail service and lost packages, CHECK OUT WITH PACKAGE PROTECTION! I cannot replace packages that are marked as delivered and you cannot locate them - I do not deliver these packages and am unaware of where they are left at delivery - please ensure you have a SAFE DELIVERY LOCATION for your mail, or arrange with your mail person to ONLY DELIVER PACKAGES WITH A SIGNATURE!!

As per their website - with your tracking number provided with your shipping confirmation, you should contact your USPS branch to inquire with the mail carrier on where the package was left. In the event that your package is LOST IN TRANSIT, please file a Missing Mail Claim with USPS, and email a copy of the USPS confirmation that it has been lost in transit. I will be happy to work with you on getting a replacement when possible, or an exchange!

I am unable to inquire with the USPS about the location of your package as soon as it is scanned into the USPS network.

Please always double check your address is correct at the time of ordering! :-)

Care instructions

Please check out my Care Instructions page linked here!

Are the earrings heavy?

Not at all! All of my earrings are super lightweight, and will not pull or tug at your lobes. Most earrings are under .5oz, and when packaged with shipping materials, and box, are under 2oz.

Custom and personalized orders

Due to the demand of classic styles, I am unable to accommodate custom orders at this time, but offer custom engraved Corazon earrings as well as occasional custom order slots :-)

Do you offer Wholesale?

You can find Shop Cholla on by clicking this link -- Shop Wholesale on Faire or by clicking the Wholesale link on the footer menu.

Can I customize the hardware of earrings?

Most of the time, yes! All post back earrings come with large rubber bumper backs, but using them on stretched ears is at your discretion, and I will not replace lost earrings due to the hardware not fitting your ears.

Almost all earrings that come with hooks or leverbacks may be swapped out if you leave me a note at checkout. Please note that most styles are Ready to Ship, so your package may experience a day added onto its processing time as we have to pull the order to make hardware modifications. Some heavy styles we will not change to a hook from a leverback without your express knowledge that the leverback on heavy earrings is there to prevent it from being lost. :)

Upgrading to Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, or a clicker hoop is possible, please contact us for cost differences.

We do not change the color of hardware on the earring, only the leverback or french hook.

**All orders with modifications requested via email (hardware change, product change pre-ship, etc...) will experience a small delay so as not to disrupt the shipping process we have in place.

My display looks different from the photos.

As notated in the product description, all displays come masked on both sides and arrive unassembled. This is intentional for lower shipping costs, and to protect the acrylic in transit. Peel up both sides of the masking tape on either side of each piece and assemble. You can peel up the masking on the acrylic with your fingers, tweezers, or a little bit of duct tape. Make sure you're gentle when you apply any pressure, and its always best to go slow, and again, be gentle when peeling the tape up! 

I had an oops! with my new earrings!

Please message me if you have any oops moments with your Shop Cholla earrings! I would be happy to repair your jewelry if the damage falls within normal wear and tear (i.e., if you leave your earrings in a purse or pull them apart, that is not normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear could be a piece coming off, an ear wire breaking, etc... - these instances are highly unlikely if you take care of your jewelry!) for the cost of shipping. Please see "in a repair" below to see what repairs entail.

* When shipping earrings back for an approved fix, they must be clean and sanitary. For my own health purposes, I cannot repair earrings that are soiled, greasy, or otherwise dirty. Please gently wipe your earrings down with a baby wipe or gentle microfiber towel before sending them to me to ensure your repair can happen!

Earrings that are clearly damaged because of misuse are not eligible for free repair. I am a very understanding person who has damaged my own earrings before due to mishandling, if you damage something because you mishandled it, please be honest with me. I will always offer to repair something to my best ability if you give me the legitimate reason on how it broke! 

If you damage your earrings/item(s) after 3 months of the delivery date of your order, I offer a $9 repair + $5 shipping option, where the buyer is responsible for shipping the item(s) back. 

+ Please contact with your order number, name, and photos of the earrings. We cannot assess damage level/possibility for repair vs. replacement without photos. Do not send earrings back without contacting us about a repair first. Items sent back without notice will be subject to return at the buyers expense.

+ Approved repairs replace all hardware, and damaged pieces, and receive a polish (both acrylic, and brass).

If your earrings are deemed damaged beyond repair outside of normal wear and tear, replacements will not be issued. 

Gift wrapping and packaging

During the holidays, I offer gift wrapping, and all packages mailed are considered 'gift ready' which means they are carefully packed with tissue, a sticker, and a care card. I'm unfortunately unable to personalize messages in packages at this time. No orders are sent with gift receipts or prices, including those sent to someone else. Not sure what to get, or not sure what your recipients style is? I offer gift cards in multiple denominations so that they can choose :-)

What can I expect my raw brass to look like when I receive it?

Raw brass is an unplated metal that is a perfect addition to any earring style! Since it is unplated, it will have variations to each piece, which makes your pair extra unique!

To keep your brass shiny and tarnish-free, store in a cool, dry place, don’t expose to oils or water, and treat with care! Buffing olive oil with revive shine, and buffing pure lemon juice will reduce tarnish. You also can use a q-tip with a tiny bit of ketchup on it! Weird, but it works, and you can give the brass a quick rinse, and dry quickly.

Want to cut through the tarnish quickly? Use a jewelry brass cleaner such as BRASSO (what I use) and follow the instructions on the bottle. Ensure to only touch BRASSO on the areas are raw brass, and be careful not to touch clay, acrylic, bead, or plated gold with it! 

Your earrings will treat you well, so long as you treat them well ♥️

Where do you ship?

UPDATED 5/10/2022

I ship within the contiguous US and all US territories, Canada, Mexico, the European Union, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Please note that as soon as a parcel is accepted into the USPS network, I am no longer aware of its location or status, or liable for the package.  With customs delays, some packages have been delayed up to 4 weeks for mandated quarantine - if you have any questions about the whereabouts of your package while in transit, you will need to reach out to your local Post Office, or Customs Agency.

Certain countries require VAT and processing fees that are not included in the price of your order, and will need to be paid in order to receive/release your package. If a package is not claimed from your customs agency by you, or is unable to be delivered domestically, and is returned to me (via RTS), I will refund you the total cost of merchandise, taxes, and half of your paid shipping cost.

International shipping charges are calculated by the carrier and can be costly. In an effort to help lower the cost of your shipping charges, if you place multiple orders across a launch, I WILL accommodate order combinations if you live outside of the United States. Please email me with your order numbers to have your orders combined, and to receive a partial shipping refund.