** In order to reduce excess stock, we will offer items on a Made to Order basis. This means everything is ordered, cut, and assembled specifically for you!

The items in this collection are Made to Order. By confirming your purchase you acknowledge our pre-order production time is on average, 2.5-3 weeks depending on volume. Your order may ship sooner than that. If you have multiple items in your order, they will all ship once your pre-order item is ready!

-- Chandeliearring information / the weight of a 6 tier pair is slightly less than 1oz per side (0.89oz), and hang at 6". They are heavier + longer, or lighter + shorter depending on the customization of the tear drop length.

7 teardrops will be slightly longer and heavier, 5 tears slightly less, 4 tears even more so at 0.49oz per side. I can wear these earrings all day without issue, but the comfort of your own ability to wear heavier earrings is solely up to you. MTO products are never eligible for refund or exchange - if you are worried about the weight due to previous sensitivity, I would only advise you to purchase a shorter pair at your own discretion.