Your newest Shop Cholla piece deserves the utmost tender loving care.

Here's how you take care of each of your acrylic, beaded, brass and clay pieces.

ACRYLIC - acrylic is a porous material that can be wiper clean with a supersoft microfiber towel, or something non-scratchy. If a microfiber rag isn't in the cards for you, you can rinse with warm water and a dot of mild soap, and pat dry. If you must clean with a cleaner, please use an acrylic safe cleaner like NOVUS. Do not use alcohol or denatured solutions, as your acrylic may crack.

MASKED ACRYLIC - earring displays arrive with their masking on them to protect them while in the mail. To set up your display, peel the acrylic edges off of both sides of the display, and the feet that came in your package. You can use tweezers to lift up an edge from the corner of the display. Then, slide the feet into the corresponding notches to set up, and you're ready to display! For care instructions, please follow the above information about how to care for your acrylic.

BEADS - seed beads are made of glass, and while they are fairly hardy, they should be treated as fragile. Store in an upright position to not crimp the threading, and try not to drop them! Do not pull, warp, or manipulate the beads, as excess friction may cause them to break.

BRASS - raw brass is an incredible medium that patinas over time by itself. If you're not interested in the natural tarnishing that this raw metal has, you can do a few different things: raw lemon juice (cut it open, and stick a Q-Tip in there!) and lightly buff in a circular motion to take off tarnish, Q-Tip in EVOO and lightly buff in a circular motion to restore shine, or my favorite, BRASSO. Check out my brass cleaning tutorial here.

POLYMER CLAY - polymer clay is a flexible medium that is made of plastic. While your clay piece may be flexible, I do not recommend testing the limits of your clay by overexerting and flexing it. Makeup stains can be cleaned off of non-painted or sealed clay with Acetone and a Q-Tip, but it is best to use a soft rag to gently buff your pieces.