Runaway Bride Cleo Splats - Shop Cholla x Hyde

  • $58.00

Basic colors in a style that is anything but basic. Cleo Splats is slightly longer than the rest of her Cleo sisters, but it's just because she's doing her own thing. Honestly, you could wear these to your wedding - tag us if you do.

Cleo was the first style of this collaboration, and uses Shop Cholla's classic tiered Raining Hearts application on Hyde's hand drawn Mikki arches.


Materials - Clear holographic glitter confetti tops, frosted ivory organic splats. Gold plated brass chain and hardware, on an 18k gold plated french hook.

Total Drop Length - 5"

Total Pair Weight - 0.6 oz


This collection began as an idea in Summer of 2022 that spawned through 12 months of ideation, creation, and collaboration. 

In early 2021, Ania and Hal connected over Instagram and immediately clicked when they met in person. Over the years, Hal and Ania have worked together both for Shop Cholla, and now, on this collaboration. This year long partnership took all of the best elements of each brand, and applied them to 8 brand new styles.

Funky colors, hand drawn styles, and lots of statement pieces are now available at both and Miss out on this launch? We're always in the works on how we can work together again, stay tuned for what's next! If you're missing out on Ania's work, check our her pieces that she made exclusively for sale on the Chollasphere.


VARIATIONS - all patterned acrylics used are different throughout the sheets and will create a one of a kind pattern on your piece! Colors and effects may appear different on your screen, and are almost always more dynamic in person, than shown on screen. Please note that all mirrored acrylic has a flat gray backing, and some frosted acrylic may have a glossy back side. We do our best to explain all elements of the pair you're purchasing, if you have any questions, please reach out directly through email before purchase.
CARE & STORAGE - acrylic, though hardy, must be treated and stored carefully for the life span of the piece. Please do not leave at the bottom of your bag, in your cupholder, or in a foggy/muggy area like a bathroom with a shower in it! Please visit our FAQs for care instructions.
COLLAB PIECES - these pieces were thought of, drawn, imagined, and assembled by Ania in San Diego, and Hal in Idyllwild. Should you have any questions about the pieces you've bought, please direct them to the makers website you purchased them from!