Hazy Corazon

  • $27.00

A brand new, smoky white Corazon with champagne shimmer and white smoky clouds. Almost called these the Vape Lord Corazon, but the former JUUL-er in me misses Mango pods too much to be reminded of it.

These earrings are the same size, and shape as the Classic Red and Pink Corazons, just with a limited edition twist!

These earrings feature a raw brass sun burst, with an acrylic heart below. These earrings are perfect to show movement and add a statement to any outfit! The earring backs are made from gold plated brass, so they don’t irritate sensitive earlobes, and are ultra-lightweight, you might forget you’re wearing them!


CARE - to care long term for your new piece, please review my care instructions on the FAQ page.

VARIATIONS - each piece is different, so please allow any slight variations or imperfections in your new earrings!