Lisbon by Hyde

  • $50.00
Meet Lisbon by Ania @ Hyde. Ania is another San Diego artist that has recently come into my life, by way of friendship, then assisting me, and now is a part of the Chollasphere! Ania has a firm grasp on color, texture, and *length* - if you're looking for a beautiful piece of art to hand from your lobes, you've come to the right person. These handmade acrylic earrings are seriously long, and seriously a statement.
Earring Details:
+ Gold Plated Brass Hardware
+ 4.75" total drop length
+ Each single earring is roughly 0.4 oz and the total pair weighs 0.8 oz
About Ania -

I’m a San Diego based maker lady recently transplanted from a small town in Virginia. I've dabbled in jewelry making since 2014, experimenting with different mediums such as leather, chain and crystals. In 2020, I’ve shifted into polymer clay, an avenue of endless possibilities. Hyde is eclectic and inspired by art and fashion. I love using the unique shapes collectively to make a thoughtful piece of wearable art, because every body at every age is a canvas that should be adorned with what speaks to them. I’m so excited to be part of the unique and talented individuals that formulate the Chollasphere!

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